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Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions

Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions.

 Core Infrastructure Optimization helps organizations better understand and move toward a more secure, well-managed, and dynamic core IT infrastructure that helps reduce overall IT costs, better use IT resources, and make IT a strategic asset for the business. This model supports IT professionals in the management of servers, desktops, mobile devices, and applications. Through this model you can achieve more efficient resource usage to help you eliminate unnecessary cost and complexity, ensure that your business is always up and running, and establish a responsive infrastructure. It can help your organizations advance from a costly and inefficient IT environment to an optimal IT infrastructure.

 Each optimization model includes specific technical capabilities that provide a comprehensive set of solutions to help advance your Optimization levels. The Core Infrastructure Optimization model defines four capabilities that are necessary to build a more agile IT infrastructure: 

Datacenter Management and Virtualization

Datacenter Management and Virtualization describes best practices for managing and maintaining servers, storage devices, network components, and other hardware and software assets in the data center. It provides consolidated views of all management tools and consistent reporting across heterogeneous systems. It provides multiple levels of service availability clustering or load balancing, and increases the efficiency of storage practices for better security and higher availability of data without creating additional burden on IT resources.

Device Deployment and Management

Device Deployment and Management has the dual focal points of device/software management and user/policy management. With the proliferation of devices IT must formulate lockdown, encryption and device security strategies along with deciding on client/mobile device software, asset and configuration compliance. All devices-on-premise, virtual or mobile will set-up of patch management, application compatibility, deployment, and control measures. Users of these devices will need to comply with image and profiles management, remote/mobile access and usage strategies and understand the roaming user access plan, while maintaining a balance of secure access and productivity.

Identity and Security Services

Identity and Security Services describes best practices for organizations to manage and protect user identity and authenticate and authorize business resources and applications. It also helps manage access for corporate mobile users, customers, and partners outside the firewall. Identity and Security Services covers methods and policies to help protect the variety of information that resides inside the organization on servers, client systems, or network resources.

IT Process and Compliance

IT Process and Compliance provides a framework for organizations to plan, develop, deploy, and support IT services and solutions while helping to ensure high reliability and availability. It also helps organizations plan alignment of IT with business and define policies and reliability definitions for the IT accountability. IT Process and Compliance helps organizations define compliance controls that contribute to efficient management of IT processes.

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